Safety Notice

Our hair accessories are made for adults and children over 36 months.

Children must NEVER be left unattended wearing hair clips or headbands as they often contain small parts and could be a potential choking hazard.

Please remove hair accessories while children are sleeping, in car seats or in any other situation where they are not supervised.

Our products are securely made with care and attention but please do not allow children to chew or suck hair clips or headbands as this could weaken the fabric, stitching or glue and may cause the product to come apart.

Please note that by purchasing our products intending them for use on children under 36 months you do so at your own risk and are accepting full responsibility for their safe use.

Dandy Lane cannot be held liable for any accidents or injury caused by misuse or the unsupervised wearing of our products.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at